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The wifi Captive Portal is the web page the user sees before accessing a public Wifi network. Through this web page, users can authenticate themselves and register to the networks using their personal credentials. One of the most significant benefits of the Wireless Social wifi solution is the ability of customers to log on to the Wi-Fi using their existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This is so much easier than filling in a form, ticking boxes or asking your staff for the Wi-Fi password.

The wifi Captive Portal solution can be used as a marketing tool to collect data and segment users, so that businesses that provide Wi-Fi to their clients can collect useful data and segment it for their marketing campaign. Last but not least, the Captive Portal can be used to communicate information, insert audio-video advertisements and other similar content that will be seen by users during the authentication process solutions Dubai.

Transform Your Marketing Strategy with Social Wifi Marketing Captive Portal

The Facebook application developed by Smart Social Wifiallows Facebook Login and incentive's users to do a "Facebook Social Wifi Check-in"at the location while connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Thanks to "progressive engagement", users are encouraged to "check-in" to connect, and then they're redirected to the Facebook Page

On the Facebook Page, they are 100% free to interact with the brand - by reading the Facebook Page timeline, sharing stories, and Like the Facebook Page.

The Wi-Fi clients won't be stuck during the authentication process and you will boost your engagement rate!

How Wifi Marketing Captive Portals Work

Wifi marketing captive portals are an innovative way for businesses to engage with customers while providing them with access to a WiFi network. Here's how they typically work:

  • User Attempts to Connect: When a user tries to connect to the WiFi network provided by a business, their device automatically detects the network and sends a connection request.

  • Redirect to Captive Portal: Instead of immediately granting access to the internet, the user is redirected to a wifi captive portal page. This page is hosted by the business or a third-party service provider and is designed to capture the user's attention.

  • User Interaction: On the wifi captive portal page, the user is prompted to take a specific action to gain access to the internet. This action could include providing their email address, phone number, or logging in with their social media accounts.

  • Data Collection: When the user provides the required information or completes the specified action, the wifi captive portal collects this data. Businesses can use this data for marketing purposes, such as sending promotional offers or newsletters.

  • Internet Access Granted: After the user completes the required action, they are granted access to the internet. They can now browse the web, check emails, or use social media, all while being connected to the business's Wifi network.

  • Optional Marketing Content: Some wifi captive portal solutions may also display marketing content, such as advertisements or promotional messages, while the user is connected to the WiFi network. This provides businesses with an additional opportunity to engage with customers and promote their products or services.

  • User Privacy: It's important to note that businesses must adhere to privacy regulations when collecting and using customer data through wifi captive portal solutions. Users should be informed about how their data will be used and given the option to opt out if they wish.

What is Smart Social Wifi and How does it work for your business and customers?

How many times have you been somewhere and wanted to use Wifi, but needed a username & password or even worse you have to pay for access? Wifi has become essential and we use the internet more and more every day. Your customers demand Free Wifi wherever they go, so give them what they want and avoid losing them to your competition. If you are not encouraging your customers to follow you on social accounts you are really missing out.

With a Smart Social Wifi delivered solution we can integrate your wireless and Social Channels and to help your followers grow effortlessly on a daily basis. Whether you are a festival, gym, social wifi for cafe & restaurant, pop up shop, retail environment, university .... in fact almost ANY type of business, if you are not providing social Wifi you are missing out.

Fast User Registration for users

Boost Your Social Reach by likes and social wifi check-in, its as if shouting your brand name among their friends Real Time Marketing - give them offer, video advertisement or landing page with today's offer Returning Customers - count them how many and send mailers Marketing Opportunities - email address, mobile , send SMS

Smart Social Wifi a personalized and fully branded experience for customers. Not only does it enable customers to get online, it also reinforces a positive association with the business. People want to be online all the time. Whether shopping; having a bite to eat or meeting friends for drinks, social WiFi will attract customers and provide them with a reason to stay.

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