Unlike traditional WiFi offered within buildings which usually needs smart phone users to choose the network and ask for/type in a password, our offered social WiFi makes it simple for your customers to quickly and easily connect to the public WiFi network by allowing them to log in via their Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or other social network account.

Once logged in by a customer, the user will be prompted to first "like," and/or "check in" to your business facebook page, and they can then receive a targeted promotion/mobile coupon intended to build a social engagement (such as "take 10% off your purchase today if you like us on Facebook").

Further note that our Personalized Branding Solution once purchased will help you to Customized your own Landing page and Brand Logo in WiFi System and this limits our company name or logo anywhere on the solutions except for your personalized details and hence the system/solution is all yours

Cloud Architecture

Further our next generation cloud managed hotspot platform will allow you to manage hotspots distributed across global locations from a single dashboard.

  • Note that our all WiFi system is Cloud Managed and hence have Zero-Downtime. You can access your system from anywhere in the World and all your Data and Information is absolutely secure and confidential.

Benefits of Social Marketing through check-in and likes on Facebook

As obvious getting customer's to LIKE your Business Facebook page or follow you on Twitter will get to know your customers and promote your brand and services. Following are some of the best benefits of Social Marketing but not limited to:

  • Easy and fast to get demography insights and access to the data on the customers logged in through Free WiFi

  • Fast escalation of organic reach when your customer checks-in on Facebook. At an average check-in reaches ~100 friends, which is 50% organic reach at a median of 200 friends!

  • Custom the demography analytics to target your Facebook ads effectively to larger audiences and increase the return on your marketing spends

  • Automatic increase in quality engagement with real customers who like & check-in on your Facebook page and are kept updated on any promotions/offers of their interest

  • It's not mandatory to like your page, but our experience confirms that most of the customers will!

We have many reference in UAE and other countries and it works fantastic!!!!

In-depth Analytics

We also provide you with in-depth analytics on your visitors through integration with social marketing platforms.

  • Track analytics of the customers accessing Free WiFi to the extent shared by them which normally includes name, age, gender, email id and phone number

  • Track and understand the unique and repeat visits of your customers, frequency of their repeat visits and their growth when they connect to the Free WiFi

  • Track and understand the average dwell time of your customers and which specific time of the day during the week they visit you often and access Free WiFi

One time sign-in

Note that User needs to sign-in only for the first time and the entire user activity can be tracked anytime he uses his device again.

Custom Landing Pages

Our customizable welcome pages enable you to provide a custom look and feel with pages adaptive on all screen sizes.

  • Our Personalized Branding Solution Help you to Customized your Landing page and Brand Logo in WiFi System

Multi-site Management

This will allow manage access-points and visitor access across multiple locations from a single dashboard and effortlessly make policy changes.

Flexible Credential Delivery Mechanisms

Choose from a range of work flows including pre-printed vouchers and SMS for delivering the Wi-Fi credentials to the visitors.

Bring Your Own Device

Our enterprise class BYOD engine will let you manage and enforce identity based policies on the devices in your network.

Targeted Advertising

Delivers you with a marketing platform to deliver targeted ads and promotions to your visitor's devices.

Access Point and Hardware

Hardware solution which integrates with any current infrastructure and hence no need to replace your current equipment, plus there are many devices you could pick and choose from below list of good and known brands.

Dlink, TPLink, UBQ, Microtik, EnGenius, Linksys, Net Gear, Openmesh, AlFa and Winet

Targeted Audiences

Our solution can be beneficial to most of the businesses, however its works wonders for the following:

Coffee Shops

Corporate culture loves working from Coffee shops and getting to work/ having meetings at a coffee shop with free WiFi is something everybody would love to explore. Hence this solution empowers coffee shops and cafe chains to provide Wi-Fi access to their customers to enhance their experience and market their brand. Get check-in and promote through your actual customers

Restaurants & Hotels

Engage your customers by providing Wi-Fi access at restaurants and hotel rooms and other lounges and enhance customer experience. Our solution empowers you engage customers and reach out to them through social media and establish customer loyalty.

Airport Lounges & Other Waiting areas

Provide passengers and business travelers at airport lounges with Wi-Fi Internet access with automated credential delivery and access policies.

Libraries, Hospitals, Health Club and Parks

Provide Wi-Fi access to your visitors at public hotspots such as libraries, hospital (rooms and waiting areas) health clubs and spa's, parks and convention centers without compromising security.

Convention & Exhibition Centers

Enables you to provide wifi at public hotspots to visitors inside the premises. Smart Social-WiFi Gateway gives you the ability to track and monitor your users and the devices in the network from the centralized management platform.


Our solution is suitable for deployment at stadiums and sporting venues to enhance audience experience through social media interactions like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sports websites.